Wanting To Lose Weight? Write It Down.

Research has shown that one key difference between successful and unsuccessful people is surprisingly simple:

Successful people write down what they want to accomplish.

When you take the step of writing down a goal, it becomes more permanent that just a wish or a dream. And that often provides the motivation and focus for success. Writing things down is the first step toward creating a working plan that pays off for you.

This can be true with weight loss, as we’ve seen with our clients at Body Symmetry MD. Many people have come to us after failing at diet after diet. And often, it’s not their fault. They simply didn’t have the focus and tools they needed to get the weight off and keep it off. Or, their bodies have other things going on that are keeping them from losing weight, and these factors haven’t been identified.

That’s where Body Symmetry comes in—with a different approach. We write things down. In fact, we give you a comprehensive, personalized weight loss plan.

This is often the factor that helps Body Symmetry MD clients succeed when they’ve struggled in the past. We begin with a full body analysis, including bloodwork. This tells us about hormonal imbalances and other factors that may be preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals. It also helps us understand your body type and metabolism. The full body analysis then becomes the basis of a customized weight loss plan. We use this critical information to shape your plan of diet, exercise, and nutrition that puts you on the right path to a slimmer, more energetic version of yourself.

We can even bring some other tools into the plan should they be needed, including hCG hormones that are a natural way to suppress appetite without slowing down metabolism. The full body analysis tells us if these steps may be needed, and these are factored into your personalized plan.

If you need, we even take extra steps—providing you with balanced meals that keep you energized while the weight comes off. We can even deliver them to you. And we stay in contact with you, cheering you on, charting your progress, and keeping your energy level up so that you make progress toward your weight loss goals.

How do we know this works? The numbers prove it. Collectively, our clients have lost more than 55,000 pounds.

55,000 pounds. Gone.

Is this the result you’re looking for? If so, we can get it all started with a conversation—and writing down a few things to help build your personal weight loss plan with a proven, powerful approach to helping you toward the body you want, better energy levels, and more personal confidence in your daily life. Click here to schedule an evaluation. We’ll explain the Body Symmetry MD weight loss program in more detail, and answer all your questions. You’ll get all the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you.

And you’ll get a path forward to help you meet your weight loss goals.