women’s sexual wellness

Women’s Sexual Wellness

Therapies To Make You Feel Great Again

As a woman, it can often seem as though your body is always in flux. Whether due to the natural aging process, motherhood, premenopause or menopause— the hormone levels in your body are continuously shifting, especially after the age of 40. When critical reproductive hormone levels gradually decrease, a number of unpleasant emotional and physical changes may take a toll on your sexual wellness, including lack of sexual desire, discomfort with intercourse, and less overall satisfaction in the bedroom.

Too often women are willing to accept their concerns with their sexual wellness as an inevitable consequence of getting older. At Body Symmetry MD, we provide a wide range of cutting-edge, custom treatments that work to restore the balance of your body and hormones as well as your intimate health and satisfaction.

Hormone Balance And Restoration

Hormones are chemicals that are produced in your organs and glands that act as messengers throughout your body. Different hormones control a wide range of bodily functions like growth, energy levels and reproduction. As you age, the levels of your reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone will naturally begin to decline, especially during or after menopause. Body Symmetry MD offers an array of hormone replacement therapies that work to restore harmony to your hormone levels wherever you have a deficiency.

After a thorough blood sample analysis, our wellness experts can pinpoint exactly which hormone requires supplementation and design a custom replacement therapy that centers around your unique physiology. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a wholly natural hormone treatment that supplements fallen hormone levels with plant estrogens whose makeup is biologically identical to hormones produced in the human body. It may be used to naturally revitalize estrogen, testosterone or progesterone levels depending on your needs.

While testosterone is often thought to be the male sex hormone, higher levels of testosterone in women have been associated with an increased sex drive and sexual behavior. Testosterone replacement therapy may also be a suitable option for women whose low testosterone levels are contributing to a lack of intimacy and satisfaction with intercourse. By restoring testosterone to normal levels, you can regain your desire and enjoyment of intimacy along with your overall sense of wellbeing.

Vaginal Creams and Gels

A frequent concern for women over a certain age is not only the loss of libido but also the loss of the ability to achieve a successful orgasm with their partners. For women who need some additional stimulation to get them in the mood, Body Symmetry MD offers varying strengths of Scream Cream, a topical gel that when applied to the clitoris or external genitalia can increase blood flow to your affected areas for improved sensitivity and higher rates of orgasm during intercourse.

Scream cream is compounded from a mix of prescription medications that are designed only to be absorbed locally through the skin without entering the bloodstream. The medications used are known as vasodilators, which relaxes vascular smooth muscles and widens the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the areas where the gel is applied. This powerful treatment allows women to rediscover their libido and drastically enhances sexual stimulation to make sex pleasurable once again.


Nutraceuticals are natural supplements that combine the best of “nutrients” and “pharmaceuticals” to create natural supplements derived from food sources and provide numerous health benefits in addition to the primary nutritional value found in the food. The ingredients found in nutraceuticals contain vitamins, herbs or amino acids to improve sexual arousal and orgasms specifically for women and their hormonal changes. With the right nutrients, women can safely and naturally increase their desire, arousal, lubrication during sex and orgasm rates.

PT 141 Peptides

Peptides occur naturally in the body and are made up of a sequence of amino acids. They serve many different functions within the body, such as helping the cells to carry out their functions. Researchers have discovered that the peptide sequence 141, or PT 141, works to stimulate the hypothalamus, the area of the brain responsible for sexual response. Unlike any other treatment, PT 141 activates neurons in the brain which signal to your pituitary glands to release sex hormones into your bloodstream, in turn boosting your sex drive and sexual fulfillment.

If the natural hormonal imbalances that come with age have begun to take a toll on your sexual wellness and self-esteem, our unique and custom treatment plans designed by our wellness consultant experts can effectively reverse your concerns by treating the issue at the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Schedule your complimentary in-person consultation at Body Symmetry MD today by clicking here or calling 1 (833) 789-2639.

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