How Men Stay in Shape as They Age: One Solutions Fits to a “T”

Regular physical activity and a healthy eating routine are important for men to stay in shape as they age, but these leave out a key part of men’s health. People typically associate the term ‘menopause’ with that well-defined, fairly short period when sex hormone production and ovulation stop. Women aren’t the only ones who suffer symptoms due to a decline in sex hormone levels.

As men age, their bodies produce less testosterone, an important male sex hormone. Unlike with women going through menopause, sex hormone production declines much more gradually in men, never actually ceasing completely. In fact, once a man hits his thirties, testosterone production begins its slow, but steady decline.

According to new research conducted by the New England Research Institutes found that as many as 25% of men over age 30 suffer from low testosterone. The study found that only a small percentage of men displayed identifiable symptoms of the deficiency. That’s why, if you’re over 30, it’s crucial to have your levels checked, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Signs you may have low testosterone levels

While the decline in testosterone levels is a normal part of the aging process, you might begin to notice unwelcome symptoms once you reach your forties and beyond. Some signs you may be experiencing low testosterone include:

  • Low or uncharacteristically fluctuating energy levels
  • Decreased ability to gain and maintain muscle mass
  • Increased body fat, even without a change in dietary habits
  • Low libido, which results in a decreased interest in sex
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of bone density (osteoporosis)
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia or other sleep pattern changes
  • Low motivation
  • Untreated, low testosterone can put men at risk for more severe outcomes like heart disease and diabetes

Low testosterone levels impact your body in numerous ways, both physically and mentally. For instance, some research indicates low testosterone can even cause depression and decreased cognitive function, such as a reduced ability to concentrate.

A solution that fits you to a “T”

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) provides a great solution for men, like you, whose blood test confirms low testosterone levels. TRT will help restore and maintain your health and well-being. At Body SymmetryMD, our providers will identify the correct dosage for you and adjust your dose as necessary. This ensures optimal levels so you can start feeling like yourself again. We treat the whole person, by providing you with individualized medicine, tailored specifically to your needs.

Call us and schedule a no-obligation appointment today to begin your journey to living the life you deserve — one that balances all things needed to optimize your health, self-image, and overall well-being.