Combatting the Adderall Shortage with Semax

New nootropic drug may greatly reduce ADHD symptoms

With the Adderall shortage raging on, people with ADHD are turning to a nootropic (cognitive enhancing) drug, Semax, to mitigate symptoms and bring life into focus. Semax is a peptide medication, which belongs to the nootropic class of drugs. Developed in Russia in the late 1980s and early 90s, it quickly became approved for treating brain damage and cognitive degeneration. As its use became more popular, Russian researchers discovered its numerous other cognitive enhancing properties, including use as an effective ADHD treatment.

What is a nootropic drug?

According to a scientific paper published at National Library of Medicine, “Nootropics, also known as ‘smart drugs’ are a diverse group of medicinal substances whose action improves human thinking, learning, and memory, especially in cases where these functions are impaired.”

This class of medications aims to optimize overall mental performance. Many people refer to them simply as ‘memory supplements,’ but they provide many more benefits beyond that. While these drugs do improve ability to learn and recall, they’re also known to greatly improve focus and help people achieve higher clarity of thought.

Taking nootropic supplements has a cumulative effect over the course of several weeks. This means your cognitive ability and mental acuity become increasingly sharp, providing greater productivity and resilience to typical stressors.

Getting around the Adderall shortage for sufferers of ADHD

The ongoing and serious Adderall shortage has caused stress and anxiety for many suffering from ADHD. At Body Symmetry MD, we have Semax available for our clients who need relief from ADHD symptoms, but can’t find a source for their usual medication. According to research published at the NIH, Semax has great potential for treating ADHD. This revolutionary nutritional supplement enhances clarity and increases certain brain neurotransmitters, which are typically abnormally low in people with ADHD.

Semax also has other potential benefits that Adderall and similar drugs simply do not possess. Some possible benefits from taking Semax supplements include:

  1. Reduction in stress and anxiety levels
  2. Reduction in oxidative stress
  3. Enhanced blood circulation
  4. Improved memory and retention
  5. Enhanced ability to learn

Don’t suffer with unchecked ADHD symptoms due to the Adderall shortage another day. Contact the Body Symmetry MD team to arrange a free consultation about this exciting product. We’ll answer all of your questions, discuss dosages, timing, and anything else you may want to know or understand.

Semax isn’t just for attention deficit disorder. For those who want to improve clarity, memory, and regain the mental sharpness lost over the years, this nootropic medication may help.

At Body Symmetry MD, we are a total wellness facility, providing individualized medicine, customized specifically for your needs. Call us today and start achieving your goals now.